Rogue One : A Star Wars Story (2016) 1080p BluRay AC3 6CH 3.3GB

Storyline: The Rebellion makes a risky move to steal the plans for the Death Star, setting up the epic saga to follow.

Rogue One (2016) on IMDb

Movie Title: Rogue One (2016)
Director: Gareth Edwards
Stars: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk 
Release Date: 15 December 2016 (UK)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 3.3GB
Resolution: 1920x800
Runtime: 02:13:57
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-MA.7.1-FGT

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  1. Ohhh AMAZING!!! me too have been waiting all the week for Rouge One remux!!
    Thanks MAQ you are awesome!

  2. i dont help to understand why people like this saga…..the plot is shit the movie is much predicatable storyline is the same like the ones previous but in this luke skywalker is absent….then here comes the feminism side, they are trying to push feminist agenda on big hollywood blockbuster too bad….the next movie with the same feminism will be transformers and wonder woman….? thts why classics will always rule.

    • Aside from a few cool scenes (especially the ones with Darth Vader), this movie wasn’t all that to me either. I was honestly getting bored by the middle of the movie. The third act saved it for me. Shit finally started to get good when they arrived on Scarif.

      Hope Mike Perez doesn’t get butthurt when he reads this.

      • For most of the Star Wars fans this film is one of the best of all the Star Wars Saga and i have heard of a lot of people saying this one is the second best Star Wars movie after The Empire Strikes Back and me agree with that. This movie and Episode VII are SO MUCH better than the CRAP second Gorge Lucas Trilogy Episodes I to III.
        If you dont like it is your problem not mine…..

        • Obviously you think this is the best movie in the world. It’s really not all that. The story was boring and generic as hell. Like I said, the third act saved this movie. Deal with it. If you can’t, it is your problem not mine….. Lol.

    • it’s not a saga it’s an independent SW movie, it fills a gap in the main story. and what’s wrong with having a female hero? your mother carried you in her womb for nine months and suffered giving birth to you you ungrateful bastard.

      • Woah!! Thats a bit mean..
        I know he was born by caesarian section coz he gets out of his car by the sunroof..
        You got a shoe fetish?

      • hahahaha….u made my day…..its a saga because the plot is all about the empire and the rebels……about the feminist side i get it i know in the dark u wear bikinis and thongs u dont like ur peepee u wanna get rid of it and apart frm that u spend ur whole day watching shemale porn….thats why u want to become a female.

        • Blimey!! MAYOR91 Is that for me? And there I was defending you.. πŸ™
          re: Shoe fetish. you take a lot of photos of training shoes ? A bit odd πŸ˜›

        • NOP anonymouse it aint for you i know u r a cool person……that was for kronos…..anwy hope u doin good anonymouse

        • Oh ok Mayari . I thought it was for me coz I like dressing up in womens clothing.. πŸ˜›

        • hahaha…..u aint married then or a gf to take care of u ….caoz if they see wat u wearing it will be trouble..

  3. What’s the difference between this one from the previews 1080p BRRip? Only the Audio or the Quality is more better??

    • Yes Higher bitrate 3147 vs 2620 …. Video is 500MB greater..
      Best one here πŸ™‚
      TY MAQ..

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